Refresher Course in Tropical Infections. 13th Event

Department: Medicina Tropical

Academic Direction: María Teresa Boquete Blanco

Qualification: Curso Corto

Classroom hours : 30 h

Starts: 19-11-2018

Ends: 23-11-2018

Begin registration: 22-02-2018

End registration: 07-11-2018

No. of places: 25

Fees: 230,00 €


Credits ECTS: 2

This course is aimed at reinforcing the theoretical-practical skills of health professionals in the field of Tropical Medicine.

The goals of the course are to:

  1. Update knowledge about epidemiology, clinical practice, treatment and control of tropical diseases.
  2. Provide continuing education to health care professionals to treat certain pathologies affecting migrants and travellers coming from tropical regions.
  3. Perfect, improve and update the concepts of tropical diseases in order to help health staff to provide patients with an early and more efficient treatment.
  • The contents of the course will be imparted in the form of theoretical classes and practical clinical cases.

    The programme shall address the following subjects:

    • Syndromic approach to patients with tropical pathologies:
      • Fever syndrome
      • Eosinophilic syndrome
      • Abdominal syndrome
      • Other syndromes
    • Advice to international travellers
    • Tuberculosis and immigration
    • Infection by HIV
    • Update in tropical diseases:
      • Malaria
      • Filariasis
      • Leishmaniasis
  • The teaching methodology will focus on theoretical classes and practical cases.
  • The students will be evaluated on an ongoing basis, particularly through the resolution-comments of the results obtained in practical clinical cases.
Boquete Blanco, María Teresa

Health students and professionals with an interest in Tropical Medicine: physicians, personnel with biomedical specialities, and nursing staff.